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Additional services at River City Dental encompass a range of treatments aimed at addressing specific dental needs and enhancing overall oral health. From night guards to protect against teeth grinding to sleep apnea and snoring appliances that improve sleep quality, our comprehensive offerings cater to diverse patient concerns. Laser cold sore and canker sore therapy offers efficient relief from oral lesions, while oral sedation ensures a comfortable and anxiety-free experience during dental procedures.

Tailored Treatments for a Healthier Smile

Our Additional Services

Our additional services provide targeted treatments to address specific dental needs, including night guards for teeth grinding, sleep apnea appliances for better sleep, laser therapy for oral lesions, and oral sedation for anxiety-free dental experiences, all contributing to enhanced oral health and patient comfort.

Laser Cold Sore & Canker Sore Therapy

Laser cold sore and canker sore therapy involves the use of low-level laser light to alleviate the discomfort and speed up the healing process of cold sores and canker sores. This non-invasive treatment targets the affected area, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and promoting tissue regeneration. Laser therapy is quick, painless, and can be performed in-office, offering patients a convenient and effective solution for managing these common oral lesions.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation helps patients relax during dental procedures by administering medication orally before the appointment. This induces deep relaxation, reduces anxiety, and ensures a more comfortable and stress-free experience without the need for intravenous sedation.

Sleep Apnea/Snoring Appliances

Sleep apnea and snoring appliances are dental devices designed to alleviate the symptoms of sleep-related breathing disorders. These custom-made appliances are worn during sleep to reposition the jaw or tongue, keeping the airway open and allowing for uninterrupted breathing. By preventing airway obstruction and reducing snoring, these appliances improve sleep quality and reduce the risk of complications associated with sleep apnea, such as daytime fatigue and cardiovascular problems.

Night Guards

Night guards, also known as occlusal guards or bite splints, are custom-made dental appliances designed to protect the teeth from the detrimental effects of bruxism, clenching, and grinding during sleep. By providing a cushioning barrier between the upper and lower teeth, these guards help prevent wear and tear, fractures, and enamel damage caused by the repetitive forces exerted during nocturnal habits.

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